Vintage Ski Movies: Early Snowboard Segment at the Monashees

One of the first, if not the first, snowboards segments caught on film. Ted Shred, aka Blake Barrymore, rides on of the first Burton snowboards at CMH Monashees in the early 80’s.


Terry Kidwell’s First Rare Roundtail Snowboard


Burton Beginnings



Short film about the history of snowboarding. Interviews with Jake Burton and Tom Sims.
Director: Wayne Yates
Editor: Tim Woolcott


Worlds first snowboard “snurfer”

This footage is amazing. Many people claim to be the starters of snowboarding but have no physical evidence. After searching for the earliest footage possible I have found it. The first snowboards were called snurfers and slowly evolved into what we know today as the modern snowboard.


Apocalypse Snow


“Farmer’s Way” rap video from Critical Condition – 1991

Holy crap! Check out this lost gem from the movie Critical Condition! It features big-stick cliff-dropper Shawn Farmer busting out a rap song!


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