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Trail of Glory

A Film made in 1983-84 completed in 1985. Inspired and created by Dave Lundquist. this film contains early Winterstick (snowboard) and mountain bike footage. This is some of the earliest bike footage from Moab area that I know.


Winterstick – Snowboards April’s Footage – Complete footage 7:36

A Slow Motion Study Of A New Winter Experience “LONG VERSION”
The Winterstick story began in the late ’60s when Winterstick founder Dimitrije Milovich met up with New Jersey surfboard shaper, Wayne Stoveken. Stoveken, whom Milovich believes to be the first snowboarder, had started making snow-surfboard designs, and he showed Milovich a few construction ideas. Inspired by Stoveken’s designs and also by the now-famous surf film Five Summer Stories, Milovich started making his own snowboards. In 1972, Milovich dropped out of college and moved to Utah to work full time on developing his new designs in the Wasatch backcountry. Later that year, he patented the first modern snowboard, the Swallowtail.


Nat Young & Dimitrije Milovich 1978 rides the winterstick

Wintersticks are being built just as they were 40 years ago, by people in the mountains for people who play in the mountains.


Winterstick vintage video

Winterstick snowboards have been hand built since 1972. Winterstick was founded in 1972 by Dimitrije Milovich, a displaced surfer living in Utah, and is best known for the original Swallowtail, still in production. Winterstick is now rider-owned by Bigelow Mountain Partners, LLC of Freeport, Maine, and hand-built and distributed by Wagner Custom just outside of Telluride, Colorado. For more information about Winterstick, visit


Winterstick Roundtail

In 1974, Milovich began making snowboards out of his garage for friends, and for people who had read about them in articles in Newsweek and Playboy Magazines. Based on interest generated by those articles, in 1976 Milovich founded Winterstick. The company produced a total of 1500 boards in two different models, the Roundtail and the Swallow Tail. Exhibited at the SIA and NSGA tradeshows, the boards drew little interest from retailers. But despite industry disinterest, snowboarding as a sport grew steadily, and Winterstick grew with it, as did Burton, Sims, and Barfoot.


Winterstick Roundtail Road Track


1979 Winterstick Snowboarding footage







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